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Information Technology: Computer engineering, Software localization, Hardware product, Technical paper, Help file, Wireless network, Mobile technology, UI language, Internet technology, System development language, Application, Electro communication, Automation, Network device, Communication equipment, IT forum, IT blogInformation security, Software engineering, etc.

Business: Website, Procedures, Company profile, Company brochure, Employee manual, Marketing planning, Financial report, Correspondence, Price list, Questionnaire, Newsletter, Presentation, Industry standard, Training program, User manuals etc.

Law: Business contract, Lease contract, Transfer contract, Collaboration agreement, Confidentiality agreement, Non Disclosure Agreement, Consignment agreement, Divorce agreement, Prenuptial agreement, International law, Civil law, Property law, Contract law, Legal systems, Letter of patent, Rules and regulations, etc.

Medicine: Medical research, Medical equipment, Pharmaceutical preparation, Clinical medicine, Health care, Internal medicine, Surgery, Survey report, Medical literature, Biotechnology, Biological engineering, Drug analysis, Public health, etc.

Tourism: Resorts, Hotels, F&B entertainment, Tourist spots, Travel guide, Environmental protection, Property and Real estate.

Science: Geography, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Oceanography, Biology, Global Change, Atmospheric, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology, Materials Science, Psychology

Literature: E-book, Literature works, Thesis, Papers, Friction, Poetry, Drama, Advertisement


Why Choose Us as Your Trusted and Preferred Provider?

We have a team of qualified and certified translators and designers with exclusive experience in their respective industries.

We provide Free Trial Translation and Free After-Sale Service to meet and exceed your expectations.

We abide by the “Translation-Editing-Proofreading” process to ensure top quality and error-free results.

We use Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools to boost work efficiency, increase accuracy, keep terminology consistent and minimize your costs.

Computer Aided Translation

Based on Translation Memory (TM), Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools can greatly boost translators’ work efficiency, increase the accuracy of the documents and keep terms consistent throughout hundreds of documents. On top of that, CAT tools can save substantial cost for clients.


CAT Tools We Use



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