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法律英语翻译subject to五种译法总结

合同英语中,subject to 基本含义是 depending on…as a condition,例如:The Contract is subject to government approval,相当于The Contract shall be valid only if it is approved by the government;也可以表示 under the authority of or be obliged to obey
1. Subject to the terms to this Agreement, the Producer agrees to be bound by the terms to the following marketing agreement.
本条的 subject to 译成“在……条件下”。
2. Subject to Clause 17, no variation in or modification of the terms to the Contract shall be made except by written amendment signed by the parties.
本条的 subject to 译成据……规定”,相当于 in conformity with。句中的 no…except 译成肯定结构“必须”。
3. Subject to the above stipulations, the profits, losses and risks of the Joint Venture Company shall be borne by the parties in proportion to their respective contributions to the registered capital of the Joint Venture Company.
该句的 subject to 根据其所带的宾语,译为“在……规定范围内”。
4. If any change is required regarding the terms and conditions of this Agreement, then both parties shall negotiate in order to find a suitable solution, provided that any change of this Agreement shall be subject to the approval by the Canadian Government.
本句中的 subject to,译为“须经”。又如:The Contract is subject to approval of the Government of Import Country(本合同须经进口国政府批准)。
5. We make you the following offer, subject to the goods being unsold.
该句的 subject to 译成“以……有效”。

— 摘自《国际商务合同起草与翻译》
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