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Cooperation Process

Please send us the documents to be translated. We will reply to you in 12 hours with reasonable quotes.


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Skype: tranbest


Step 1       Free test translation (if required)

We are willing to do a free test (approx. 200 words) for you according to your requirements, to ensure that we can provide you with top quality translation services.

Step 2       Sign a contract or Non-Disclosure Agreement (if required)

After reaching an agreement, we’d like to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to keep your files or information strictly confidential. We also guarantee the following items:

- Strictly implement the TEP (Translation-Editing-Proofreading) process

- Timely delivery

- Timely reply to feedbacks

Step 3       Examine the translation and make payment

Please examine our translation and make payment. If the file needs any modifications, we’d make appropriate modifications according to your requirements until you’re satisfied.

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